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I draw people who mean the most to me in life. These people are my friends and professors who have had a significant impact on me over the years. I draw these people in their environment; I like to surround them in something they’re passionate about. My drawings are a product of sentimentality and familiarity. 

Studies show that holding eye contact with someone for only two minutes creates feelings of trust and affection between two people. My subjects hold eye contact with the viewer, and this creates a moment of intimacy.

People need intimacy. People feel comforted by the important people in their lives during hard times. Trust and affection from the people I draw have helped me to overcome immense obstacles to ultimately succeed in the face of adversity. I want the viewer to feel connected to the subject just as I feel connected with them. I’m grateful for my relationships with my subjects, and I want to give the viewer the opportunity to experience the intimacy I feel when I gaze into the eyes of the people I cherish the most.

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